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Don't let the name fool you! Our log homes are anything but rustic. Gorgeous, elegant, breathtaking and invitingly warm are more appropriate terms. Because they are constructed from full-round, full-length, handcrafted logs, there is no comparing them to the many milled products that are marketed. Milled logs definitely fill a niche and appeal to some consumers, but we have chosen to specialize in handcrafted log homes.  

Typically, the customer provides us with a set of plans for the home they hope to build. This gives us a starting point and allows for a dialogue to begin. It is extremely important to establish a budget, early on in the planning process. I can think of nothing more frustrating to the customer and the builder, than getting well into the relationship, only to discover that the budget will not support the project. A good outcome can only be achieved through the honesty of both the customer and the builder. We will not tell you what you want to hear, in order to get your business and then deliver the bad news that there is no money left to finish the project! That just isn't our style!

In the competitve business world, reputation is everything. We are very proud of ours and of the fact that we have remained friends with all of our homeowners. We would love the opportunity to help you realize your dream and to include you in our list of friends!