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Many log home owners find themselves in the position of needing maintenance on their homes. Often times, the original builder is either no longer available or is not interested in providing this service.

Maintenance work on log homes is something that is reqired to keep the home in pristine condition. A log home is a big investment and they all require regularly scheduled maintenance. These services typically include pressure wash, stain touch-up, seal coat and chinking touch-up. If the home has not been regularly maintained or if poor quality products have been used, a more intensive restoration process may be required.

Make no mistake, restoration work on these homes is labor intensive, dirty, tedious work. Anyone who is not passionate about bringing these homes back to their original beauty, will never endure the process. Many companies will try the shortcut processes of sandblasting, glass media or corncob blasting.  We are here to tell you that these methods just don't provide the outcome, that is required to meet our standards. These products become imbedded into the logs, creating a rough surface that does not take stain properly.  We have found that the only way to restore a log home to it's original, like-new beauty, is to get down to a fresh surface of wood. In our opinion, this can only be accomplished by good old-fashioned sanding and grinding. These before and after pictures of homes we have worked on, will show the amazing results that can be obtained.

It is crucial that the proper products be used to protect the home from returning to it's deteriorated state. There are many companies that produce products aimed at the log home industry. Unfortunately, many of them just don't pass the test. We have tried several of these products, with unsatisfactory results. For this reason, we have used Sashco products exclusively for the past twent-five years. The chinking is, by far, the most flexible and best adhereing that we have used. Their two-part stain and seal products produce long-lasting beauty that is easy to maintain. Because we stand by our workmanship, it is important to us that Sashco stands behind it's products, as well.